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Here you will find quite a varied collection of Star Wars miniature starship models & figures, that I was lucky enough to have most of them given to me by a very good friend named Dave (Pondman) Pinnick. 

Some of the kits displayed throughout this website have been produced by myself, with the help of some great friends, science fiction enthusiasts, hobbyists &, not by a commercial company that charges mega-bucks for their products. All the figures & kits contained within this website have been produced in a pre-dyed  polyurethane resin, white metal or a combination of both these materials. 

Many of the pictures show the models unpainted & not fully assembled so that you can see what they are really like before they are assembled & painted. To try & make certain points a little clearer, I have added a Frequently Asked Questions section.

As time goes on this site will expand into various categories, but at this time I have structured it so all the models can be seen within single pages.

I have tried to be honest in the descriptions of the models contained within this site so that all visitors have a better understanding of these miniatures just in case some of you would like to add that missing kit to their collection.

Screaming Lord Byron